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[RELEASE] Condres OS official version 2019.09 available
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Release Notes for Condres OS 2019.09

Today we are proud to release Condres OS 2019.09 with the flavours KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, and Condres Control Center. They are enhanced with some useful packages and scripts and a custom patched version of desktop and filesystem.

KDE Plasma stands at version 5.16.4, while GNOME comes in at 3.32 
and Xfce at 4.14, while Cinnamon comes in at 4.2 and MATE at 1.22.1.

This release comes with the name “19.09”.
Important news regarding the release of this version which introduces native support for default snap and appimage applications. Some bugs regarding hplip that required the installation of the pyqt5 package have been fixed.
Added multiple support to almost all php versions for those who develop websites in order to have greater compatibility with future versions. The control center now also supports printer management.
We inform all our users that starting from today we have decided to release the updated iso images only and exclusively every 3 months to stabilize the distribution as much as possible and give an ever greater stability to the system. This release takes place after 3 months of the previous one as per announcement index.php/blog/announce-information-on-iso-images
The control center is being updated with the migration of the total rewriting of the code in QML.

Also available are the gnome-software and discovery application packages that have been compiled with support for snap applications and are available in our repositories.

    • [/li]

    Add ZSTD-compressed kernel

  • Fix hplip issue start[/li]
  • Fix mate desktop issue marco window manager search libxpresent[/li]
  • [/li][/list]

    New theme fot Plasma, Mate, XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon


    Update packages 19.09: 
    • [/li]

    • breeze-icons-1:5.61.0-1[/li]
    • calamares 3.2.12[/li]
    • calamares-server 3.2.12[/li]
    • condres-libreoffice-theme-12:2.3-6[/li]
    • discover-snap 5.16.4[/li]
    • e2guardian 5.3.3[/li]
    • etcher 1.5.56[/li]
    • flowblade 2.2[/li]
    • google-chrome-76.0.3809.132-1[/li]
    • kinfocenter-5.16.4-1.3[/li]
    • libreoffice-fresh-1:6.3.0-2[/li]
    • libreoffice-fresh-it-1:6.3.0-1[/li]
    • mate-tweak 19.10[/li]
    • nagios 4.4.5[/li]
    • openebula 5.8.4[/li]
    • optimus-manager-qt 1.2.7[/li]
    • php71 7.1.31[/li]
    • php72 7.2.21[/li]
    • plymouth-kcm 5.16.4[/li]
    • pushbullet 9.5.0[/li]
    • qogir-gtk-theme-3.32.20190503-1[/li]
    • skypeforlinux-stable-5:[/li]
    • super-flat-remix-icon-theme-20190823-1[/li]
    • teamviewer-14.5.1691-7[/li]
    • teamviewer-host 14.5.1691[/li]
    • visual-studio-code 1.37.1[/li]
    • vivaldi-2.7.1628.30-1[/li]

    • linux 5.2.11[/li]
    • linux50-lts 5.0.21-lts[/li]
    • linux51 5.1.21[/li]
    • linux-macbook 5.1.21[/li]
    • linux-lts 4.19.69[/li]
    • linux-hardened 5.2.7a[/li]


    Known issues:
    • Installing on RAID is currently not possible[/li] ( [partition] auto partitioning with encryption and swap is broken )

    To create reliable installation media, please follow the instructions from the Download page. Condres OS ISO’s do not support Unetbootin or Rufus, and DVDs need a burn speed no higher than 4x.

    Condres OS 19.09 Presentation