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After two months of intense development our distro finally reaches the major release. Many bugs were bugged and new packages introduced.


Condres OS lets you put your favorite web apps on the desktop with ICE, a simple SSB (Site Specific Browser) manager. These specialized browsers minimize the number of steps between you wanting to use your favorite web app and you actually using it. This embodies our vision here at Condres: we want to help make your workspace, and your playspace, more productive and elegant.

Condres OS, by stripping down the Gnome desktop environment to its essentials, is able to be fast and fluid without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Condres OS idles at just a few hundred megabytes of memory usage, as opposed to other popular operating systems that idle at up to several gigabytes. This also helps bring boot times down to just a few seconds.

Condres OS comes with TLP, an advanced battery management utility that optimizes battery usage. TLP comes with an outstanding default configuration, but allows users to customize it to suit their specific needs. This, combined with Condres OS's decreased resource usage, means you can keep working those extra hours away from home.

Powerline-Shell, an adaptive and beautiful terminal prompt, brings the console into the modern world. Have all the most powerful computing tools available at your fingertips, with all the information you need beautifully displayed just a glance away. Naturally, Powerline is included in Condres OS.


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Chromium and Chrome


Eye of Gnome

File Roller



Pacam gui for pacman, tray indicator for Gnome, KDE and Cinnamon









System Log Viewer

System Monitor

Tracker Settings







and other packages
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Release note

[size=150]Release Notes for Condres OS 2019.02[/size]

Today we are proud to release Condres OS 2019.01.1 with the flavours KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, and Xorg. They are enhanced with some useful packages and scripts, a brand new installer and a custom patched version of desktop and filesystem.

KDE Plasma stands at version 5.14.5, while GNOME comes in at 3.30
and Xfce at 4.12.4, while Cinnamon comes in at 4.0 and MATE at 1.21.0.

This release comes with the name “19.02”.

Calamares – our new installer
This is the 5nd release with the new installer built from the Calamares Installer Framework and we are quite happy with it. It is under steady developement and will in the near future improve quite a bit on LVM and LUKS2.

The partitioning is done by the brand new kpmcore 3.3.0, which is also at the heart of the KDE Partition Manager (KPM). The corresponding package for that is called partitionmanager

UEFI installs made easy
With Calamares we can proclaim full implementation of UEFI-Installs since 2017.1.0. For now we still have encryption with LUKS and LVM turned off, which Calamares offers as an option. We want to be on top of that feature before we offer it to you. Offering it means we need to be able to support this critical functionality. We do not feel we can do this adequatly at the moment, as it is an ongoing developement, that should be more mature with kpmcore 3.4.

[size=150]FIX AND NEW FEATURES:[/size]

New version of the calamares installer that solves the language problem after installation.

Fixed the issue of completing the installation due to an error that could not find the package virtualbox-guest-modules-arch (bug reported by wizardfromoz user of the linux.org)

Added some features including official support for packages suricata, opennebula and opensnitch.

Solved the problem of caja for the desktop mate that could not find a library after the update.

Updated condres-desktop extensions for gnome packages. Now the menu, the bottom bar and the tray icons work regularly.

Good download at all.
The CodeLinSoft team.


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