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[REL] eMule 0.29b [SlugFiller-VQB 0.34]

Aperto da Maxime, 05 Luglio 2003, 07:52:52

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eMule 0.29b [SlugFiller-VQB 0.34]

  • Ported to 0.29b
  • Fixed bug with handling of browse files for shared files, and also tweaked unsharing of config dir, to fit with shareSubdir's features(don't share as subdirectory, allow subdirs to be shared, etc). Upped version of share subdir to 2.4.
  • Added icons for showing if files in the shared files list have comments. Icons are right of the file icon. Maybe I should have put them on the left, I'll wait for the public oppinion, and maybe change it next version.
  • Changed implementation of spreadReask to prevent bug in case of 50 days wrap-around.
  • Fixed a few bugs with release slots, and improved implementation.
  • New fix: SafeDisconnect. Prevents crash bug occuring while giving a slot to a client, in the case where the connection to the client fails. This crash-bug was more appearant when release slots were used, so now they are much safer to use.

Binary: eMule-29b(SF-VQB)v0.34.exe
Source: eMule-29b(SF-VQB)-v0.34-src.exe
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